A New Paradigm (2)

The Conception of LUGEVI-II


First, you should know that the primary cause of Essential Hypertension remains unknown even today; hence, in 90% of cases, it is treated with medications for so-called “secondary hypertension,” the causes of which, unlike Essential Hypertension, are very well known. In particular, there is no answer yet for the critical issue of why a person under medication sometimes has a hypertensive crisis and even RANDOM, SUDDEN surges of HYPER BLOOD PRESSURE? How is it possible that a person in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with all kind of medications and monitoring, has a hypertension attack and sometimes dies with a full medical army by his or her bedside?


Here again, there are many questions, few answers, and no therapies. I have termed this last event Random and Sudden Hyper Blood Pressure (RSHBP) because, from a mathematical, probabilistic point of view, it can be classified as an unsteady, Stochastic Process; it is therefore unpredictable. This means no pharmaceutical prevention or cure is in sight, at least for the foreseeable future.


What we do know with certainty is that the survivals of people who have suffered a stroke due to sudden attacks of hyper blood pressure depend on their body’s resistance to defend itself from the stroke. Otherwise, they face disability and even death.


An established hemodynamic paradigm asserts, “You cannot model middle arterial pressure by modifying a major arterial vessel up to a therapeutically useful level through purely resistive means.” My rebuttal was and is, “Yes, you can, if you know how to do it.” So, I constructed several emulators of my invention and began searching for places to do experimental research in animals.


Regarding the experiments in animals, it has been a four-year-long journey. After contacting seven South American universities, another in Spain, and a research institute in France, I finally ended the animal experiments that began in Venezuela in 2010 at the Hospital Escuela de Veterinaria in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


The results obtained using my last manual emulator in October 2014 proved that in fact blood pressure can be modulated from a suitable artery, in our case from the femoral, thus giving a sound basis to the invention.


No animals died as a side effect of these experiments. Now, armed with factual proof of my invention’s biophysical feasibility, I filed and obtained from the United States Patent and Trademark Office a patent pending for my Bionic Device for Hypertension Control and Stroke Prevention: known as LUGEVI-II.




LUGEVI-II represents, by design, the first new, safe, less invasive, and more effective way to treat Essential Hyper Blood Pressure using a purely physiological approach to controlling the phenomenon of HYPER BLOOD PRESSURE, in particular for resistant hypertension and the prevention of hemorrhagic stroke.


LUGEVI-II, in its final version, would exist in two modalities: one for emergency, intensive care settings for the prevention of stroke and heart attack, and one for the permanent implantation via catheter for those HYPER BLOOD PRESSURE patients who do not have under medical criteria a clear pharmacological treatment.


LUGEVI-II is a real breakthrough for internal medicine and cardiology. Besides being simple, elegant, and functional, it offers an opportunity to help millions of patients.




“One of the key risk factors for cardiovascular disease is hypertension—or raised blood pressure. Hypertension already affects one billion people worldwide, leading to heart attacks and strokes. Researchers have estimated that raised blood pressure currently kills nine million people every year” (from a 2013 World Health Organization report). 47% of cardiac deaths occur within hospital emergency rooms or while patients are on their way to the hospital.